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James Tidyman '54 — posted Aug. 1, 2016

I grew up in Valier, Montana and graduated in a class of 23 Students. Going off to college was a big deal for me.  I had attended the State Track Meet the year before and I was very impressed when I first saw the Sigma Chi House.

I had made up my mind before arriving at the University that I wanted to be a Sigma Chi.  I knew two adults who were Sigma Chis and I had respect for both of them.           

During pledge week orientation, one had to have an invitation to attend the rush parties at each house.  This was a problem, for I didn’t know a single member, so I arrived at the door with the other prospective pledges and walked in with them pretending that I had been invited.  The first member I met was Art Strain from Great Falls and we found that we had a friend in common.  I then asked if they would like to hear me play the piano.  I proceeded to sit down and played the “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi” and was informed two days later that I had been accepted as a pledge.

My favorite memory was walking into the house on the following Sunday morning for the  pledge breakfast celebration.  One of my big goals had been accomplished.

As an active member, I was told that a successful alumnus had given the chapter $5,000, which enabled them to make arrangements to purchase the present house.  Throughout my time as an active member, I promised myself that when I was able to make a significant gift I would do so, and I plan to make that happen.

I am now 86 and most of my close friends from my Sigma Chi days have passed away, but I am still in contact with a few of them and I am looking forward to Homecoming with the hopes of seeing them again.

In hoc,
Jim Tidyman

James (Jim) Murphy '51 — posted May 2013

I have many memories, but one stands out in the spring of 1948, maybe fall 1947, we had the annual Pledge Sneak. If we could not be found, we all got many brownie points.  I organized and found a place that worked well. The many actives - maybe 75, mostly WWII vets - did not find us even with aircraft. We had a great event and party. I have some good pics, if I can find them, of our huge group of 50 or so. It was a great year for Beta Delta. Not many of us are left who would remember.

I was a townie. A friend of our family, Oakly Coffee, encouraged me to pledge and even paid my initial fees. My father had died a few years earlier and he was a mentor to me.

All of my close friends of those years are now gone. But over the years, even now, I have Sig friends, mostly from all over that I see once in while. We have a Beta Delta golf tourney, now at Lake Tahoe, that has gone on for some 25 years, organized by Bill Todd and others from BD, but here again we are losing brothers all the time and it will be difficult to continue, but it has been great.

I have two sons who are BD sigs, a Sig grandson in San Jose and a cousin in Bozeman, which keeps me up on some current stuff.

The original Sig experience is still relevant: just keep up the customs, the respect, the basic pledge training and concepts of good citizenship, morality and values of our ritual and these will serve any member well, now or in the future.

At age 84, there is not a whole lot that is new. We travel a lot, I still work a few hours a day when I feel like it. My four kids are doing well. I hunt, ski, play golf and get around pretty well. I have a great wife. We should all be so lucky.

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