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John Rood '62— posted August 2016
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Q: Why did you join Beta Delta Chapter in the first place?
A: Actually, my uncle was a Sigma Chi and he talked to me about it. So, I went to the Sigma Chi meetings during pledging and I also met, in the orientation process, a couple other Sigma Chis who were very positive and I was impressed with their maturity.

Q: What is your favorite memory from the chapter?
A: The day I went active. November 27, 1957.

Q: Do you still keep in touch with any of your brothers? Who?
A: I had three little brothers who I am very close to. Jim Bartell, Jr. ’63, Norris Barnhill ’61 (I contact him all the time and even do his tax returns) and William “Butch” Cummins.

John Bohlinger ’59 was a very close friend of mine. We used to wash dishes at the Sigma Chi house for our meals!

Q: You have pledged $6,500 toward the Ski Shack Campaign so far. Why did you decide to pledge?
A: I have been very fortunate in my professional life and I am able to do things for charities and organizations that have added to my life. Like I said, I had a fantastic run at Beta Delta Sigma Chi, made good friends, I go back to the Homecomings and I’m going this year as well. It was just a wonderful experience. As far as being able to contribute back earlier on, I wasn’t able to do that because when I went to Montana I didn’t have a lot of money, so I couldn’t really add to the finances of the chapter until recent years.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for other brothers to follow your example and make a pledge?
A: I think it’s important for us to give our witness as to why we are doing it so they can remember why they should do it. I don’t want to condemn anyone, because we don’t know their financial circumstances. I ran two businesses and so I could give back and I’m happy I can. I’d gladly stand up in front of my brothers and tell them all about the wonderful experiences I had at Beta Delta. 

Brian Knaff '66— posted May 2013
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I joined Sigma Chi because, even though I didn't know anyone there and wasn't considered a legacy, I was really impressed with the actives and the prospective pledges. It looked like the right place to be for me, and it was.

My funniest Sigma Chi memory was the night of the appearance at the Adams Field House of the Three Young Men from Montana, a folk group of much note at that time. We prepared a cake for their after party at the Sigma Nu Fraternity. On the cake it said, "To All the Young Men," and we had it delivered by the Kappa Kappa Gammas Sorority Sisters from across the street so it wouldn't be suspect. The frosting was a very tasty and delicate blend of EX LAX. The last we heard all the young men were lined up at the biffy, because one of their bathrooms was under construction. It was one of the best RFs of the time.

Story number 2: October was hunting season, so everyone who hunted had their rifles with scopes in the rooms. One night around midnight I came back from downtown Missoula. We walked most of the time. As I'm walking up to the house it was completely dark. Mind you we were surrounded by sororities and the girls had hours and had to be in by a certain time. As I grew closer to the house I saw that everyone had their guns with scopes out and the guns were pointed at the Alpha Phi house. One of the sisters had forgotten to close her curtains (maybe she didn't) and there were more rifles pointed at her than at General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Today, I credit the values of respecting diversity as one of the strengths I leaned at Sigma Chi that has been a main factor in my happiness and success as a businessman, a father and a husband. For brothers today, one reason that today's fraternity experience is still relevant is networking - that's a big one.

I work in a business that has something new for me every day. I thank God for me being in the entertainment business.

Feb. 9, 2016 via Facebook—"Brian Knaff, chairman of TBN Entertainment in Las Vegas, helped launch Entertainment Management at The University of Montana. This week, he was in Billings‬ to formally thank Yellowstone County commissioners and MetraPark management for helping build the program in 2001 and 2002."


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