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It was the year 1974 when Brother RJ Brewer ‘74 set off on a life-changing and life-filling adventure. He and a few partners cobbled together the down payment for 800 acres on the west shore of Flathead Lake near Dayton Montana which they dubbed Hog Heaven Cattle Company. Keep in mind that in 1974 RJ was still a student (of sorts) at University of Montana and living at 1110 Gerald in Backshack. But the lure of land, lake and development was too powerful. What started as a way to make big and easy money turned out to be a lifetime of hard work riding the ups and downs of the Montana real estate market like a wild bucking hog. And what a ride it was.

After selling off the back 360 acres, a road had to be cut to access it and the remaining twenty acre plus parcels which were subdivided. Custom built “Log Heaven Homes” complimented house/land packages which were sold from a land office just off the main highway. As a natural wheeler-dealer, RJ accepted money, cars, cattle or you-name-it to make a deal using a Contract for Deed arrangement (deed to the property was held until all payments were made).

In 1999, RJ and girlfriend Suzy Q held an unforgettable wedding at Hog Heaven overlooking magnificent Flathead Lake. The wedding followed an equally memorable bachelor party at David “Moose” Miller’s (Beta Delta ‘52) Saloon in Kalispell. At that party, Don “Bam Bam” Bennett ‘78 harnessed RJ with the ball and chain that many Beta Deltas suffered in their time. At the wedding, special guest and friend Steve Riddle of Montana’s Mission Mountain Wood Band lead a large contingent of Beta Delta brothers in singing the “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi”. Over the years, RJ has hosted Mission Mountain Wood Band many times for rehearsals and recording sessions.

In 2006, RJ began construction of a massive 8000 square foot lodge constructed from logs he harvested from Hog Heaven then hand stripped and finished. The lodge has a commanding view of the Mission Mountains and Flathead Lake to the east.  The phrase “jaw-dropping” comes to mind.

The Hog Heaven Cattle Company experience just celebrated 44 years in the making (and counting).  The ranch is currently comprised of 200+ acres and the lodge. It is for sale with terms “negotiable”.  For details and pictures, see www.hogheavencc.com  Call him at 406.250.9740 and make him an offer he can’t refuse.             

By Rich Thompson - Beta Delta ‘70

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