Chapter Eternal

Chapter EternalBeta Delta's thoughts are with the family and friends of the following Beta Delta Brothers:

John Lepley '50
Daniel D. Kilbride '51
Donald Blumfield '60
D. Bruce Carmichael '61
Thomas L. Cross '70

Homecoming 2018

Homecoming 2018 Homecoming 2018

This year was bitter-sweet:  The sweetness of Beta Delta brothers from near and far gathering in Missoula to renew bonds of brotherhood and the bitterness of the Montana Grizzlies losing to Portland State. The Missoula Alumni Chapter sponsored the traditional tailgate with setup and cooking done by Active Chapter.  Following the game, food and beverages were provided at 1110 Gerald for brothers, friends and sweethearts.  If you didn’t make it this year, we’ll send you a reminder for 2019.

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs FlyIt was the year 1974 when Brother RJ Brewer ‘74 set off on a life-changing and life-filling adventure. He and a few partners cobbled together the down payment for 800 acres on the west shore of Flathead Lake near Dayton Montana which they dubbed Hog Heaven Cattle Company. Keep in mind that in 1974 RJ was still a student (of sorts) at University of Montana and living at 1110 Gerald in Backshack. But the lure of land, lake and development was too powerful. What started as a way to make big and easy money turned out to be a lifetime of hard work riding the ups and downs of the Montana real estate market like a wild bucking hog. And what a ride it was.

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Core Values, Vision, and Mission

Core Values
Sigma Chi’s core values are Friendship, Justice and Learning. Our vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization — aligned, focused and living our core values. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.

The fundamental purpose of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is the cultivation, maintenance and promotion of the core values of Friendship, Justice and Learning.

In the pursuit of these high ideals, the Sigma Chi Fraternity is able to offer tremendous value in augmenting the collegiate experience and supporting the lifelong journey of each of its members. We hope to assist brothers in becoming men of character, caring husbands, compassionate fathers and community leaders.